Heather O'Neill is a guitarist and singer songwriter. She has gained praise for her unique lyric style and eclectic musical compositions.

Heather is known for her live shows .Where she routinely performs little comic monologues in between her songs. O'Neill refers to it as "Provocative Blues with a comedy chaser. I'm trying to inject a comical spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.” She has toured all over the U.S. and the U.K. playing clubs, coffeehouses, colleges, cabarets, and festivals. As well as enjoying airplay on podcasts, women's and college radio.

A Feminist Manifesto is the latest album. It is infused with funk and R&B. A beautiful juxtaposition to the powerful and sometimes heart breaking lyrics. On this venture, Heather's strong solo performance is enhanced by horns, bass, drums, and violin accompaniment from Jerry Goodman of Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Bringing dreamy, toe tapping music and a sense of humor to serious feminist issues. Heather had this to say about the project “I wanted to make a record that addresses the nuances of misogyny in a modern setting . I feel as though art is at its best in the form of community outreach. When a nerve is hit either politically or emotionally that makes someone feel the comfort of being less alone.

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